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Project Acronym MIDAS
Title Advanced reliability qualification and monitoring equipment assessment
Start date 01-March-2002
End date 28-Feb-2003
Programme IST

The objective of the MIDAS SEA project is to evaluate and improve the Reltech MIDAS mixed signal reliability test system for qualifying and monitoring a large range of new IC technologies, requiring both analog and digital signals in a wide range of voltages, currents and frequencies. The final aim of this assessment project is to demonstrate to other potential users of the equipment that the MIDAS reliability system has been thoroughly evaluated and adapted to current and future market needs.
At the same time, the MIDAS consortium wants to promote a modular system enabling adaptation of its functionality without modifying the hardware configuration extremely. This modular approach provides the customers with versatility and flexibility of operation, enabling simultaneous testing of many device types. The assessment of the MIDAS equipment is carried out in the production environment of Alcatel Microelectronics (B). Industrial evaluator of the system is Philips Semiconductors (NL).

In short the objectives of the MIDAS SEA project can be summarised as follows:
- Evaluation and improvement of the Reltech Flexitray MIDAS 5280 reliability test equipment;
- Demonstration of the suitability of the system for: High power, high voltage applications - High speed, low voltage applications - High current & analogue signal switching - High speed switching with long pattern depth - Mixed signal applications - Work at different temperatures at the same time;
- Proposal of hardware and software improvements for the equipment in order to provide the equipment a better opportunity on the market of semiconductor evaluation, qualification and monitoring tools;
- Promotion of the high temperature dynamic operating lifetest technique as the technique that is still the tool for the evaluation, qualification and monitoring of a wide range of new IC technologies;
- Dissemination of the results of the assessment of the MIDAS reliability test equipment to the related users community.

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Work description:
The following tasks and activities are planned in the frame of the MIDAS SEA project:
Task 1.1: Definition of the target equipment specifications. This activity includes the definition of the final target specifications, according to the current and future requirements of the industrial partners, against which the MIDAS SEA system will be assessed;
Task 1.2: Preparation of the assessment site, installation of the equipment and training. After installation of the MIDAS equipment in the Quality and Reliability laboratory of Alcatel Microelectronics, a dedicated training will be provided to the involved engineers and technicians on the handling of the equipment. At the same time, the MIDAS Development/Pre-Screen Station will be installed in Philips Nijmegen for thorough evaluation of the system without the need of the complete equipment;
Task 1.3: Demonstration of the basic equipment capabilities. The first assessment of the installed equipment will be performed on both a calibration/dummy load board and on a selected number of IC types;
Task 2.1: Specific equipment improvements. During the assessment of the equipment, specific improvements will be done on the equipment in order to improve its performance and to achieve the final target specifications defined in the purchase order contract;
Task 2.2: Alcatel Microelectronics assessment. Alcatel Microelectronics will focus on the system's application on both automotive and telecom IC's, requiring mixed signals, especially during high temperature lifetests. It will also assess the equipment usability and cost-effectiveness of the system;
Task 2.3: Philips Semiconductors assessment. Philips Semiconductors will assess the evaluation of the signal generation of the analog audio and digital driver boards, with focus on low voltage and high frequency, at room temperature. This evaluation will be done by means of the MIDAS Development/Pre-Screen Station;
Task 3.1: Publication of the project results. Compilation of the assessment results in a number of reports that are restricted to a group specified by the consortium, including the Commission;
Task 3.2: Dissemination of the project results. Promotion of the Reltech equipment through paper presentations and equipment demonstrations to the semiconductor and electronics industry;
Task 4.1: Project management. Overview of the management structure for ensuring the proper functioning of the MIDAS project in order to achieve the objectives and milestones of the project;
Task 4.2: Assessment and evaluation. Monitoring of the development activities in order to realize the objectives of the MIDAS project.

After definition of quantitative target specifications (Month 1) the Reltech Flexitray MIDAS 5280 reliability test equipment will be installed at Alcatel Microelectronics (Month 3). In a first phase the capabilities of the Reltech MIDAS 5280 equipment will be demonstrated (Month 4). A number of improvements will then be done to the equipment in order to meet the target specifications. The improved equipment will then be thoroughly assessed by the industrial assessors Alcatel Microelectronics and Philips Semiconductors (Month 10). Alcatel Microelectronics will also assess the equipment usability and cost-effectiveness (Month 12). Dissemination plans of the equipment assessment results will be made available (Month 12).










Organisation: Alcatel Microelectronics N.V.
Organisation Type: Other
Department: Business Development - Bl53
Address: Westerring 15
Postcode: 9700
City: Oudenaarde
Country: BELGIUM
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Organisation Name: Philips Semiconductors B.V.
Organisation Type: Other
Contact Person: VAN ZOEST, Eddy
Department: Operational Support Group Consumer Businesses Nijmegen
Address: Hurksestraat 19
PO Box 218
City: Eindhoven


Organisation Name: Reltech Limited
Organisation Type: Industry
Contact Person: BRADLEY, Richard
Department: Engineering Department
Address: Brunel House, George Street
City: Gloucester






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