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These pages are intended to provide an overview of recent research in semiconductor test and related topics. They include collaborative research funded by the European Union within the Framework Programmes along with individual national government and industrial funded programmes. The research database is under continual development, so if you are aware of research programmes we have not yet included then please let us know. Please click the project acronym for more information.


Project end date Funding organisation Title Acronym
July 2004 Europe Testability of Analog Macrocells Embedded into System-on-Chip TAMES-2
May-2004 Europe Formal Verification in SYsteM Level Based Design SYMBAD
Feb-2003 Europe Advanced reliability qualification and monitoring equipment assessment MIDAS
Aug-2003 Europe European Network for Initial and Continuing Education in VLSI/SOC Testing using remote ATE facilities EUNICE-TEST
Aug- 2004 Europe Integrated Design Methodology for enhANced Device Robustness DEMAND
Sep- 2002 Europe Development and Applications of New Built-in-Test Software Components in European Industries COMPONENT+
June- 2006 Europe MHP Conformance Testing Improvement by Development of New Conformance Tests in Europe MHP-CONFIDENCE
Dec- 2007 Europe European Network for Coordination of Advanced System Integration Technologies ENCASIT
June- 2006 Europe CMOS backbone for 2010 e-Europe NANOCMOS From the 45 nm node down to the limits NANOCMOS
Dec- 2008 Europe Multipurpose Dynamically Reconfigurable Platform for Intensive and Flexible Hetereogeneous Processing: A technology breakthrough for Embedded Computing MORPHEUS
Feb-2009 Europe Wireless Sensor Networks with Self-Organization Capabilities for Critical and Emergency Applications WINSOC
Nov- 2008 Europe Verification and Validation of Embedded System Design Workbench that is how to make sure that systems controlled by intelligent electronic chips will satisfy certain safety conditions VERTIGO
Aug- 2009 Europe EvoTest - evolutionary testing for complex systems EVOTEST
Aug- 2009 Europe European Network for Co-ordination of Advanced Semiconductor Technologies ENCAST
January 2009 Europe New layered 3d-materials for spintronics INTAS
December 2011 Europe Wireless sensor networks for the protection of critical infrastructures WSAN4CIP
May 2011 Europe Hybrid nano-electro-mechanical / integrated circuit systems for sensing and power management applications NEMSIC
February 2012 Europe Self-constructing computing systems SECO
December 2010 Europe Cutting edge reconfigurable ICs for stream processing CRISP
April 2011 Europe High density integration by embedding chips for reduced size modules and electronic systems HERMES
May 2011 Europe Smart inspection system for high speed and multifunctional testing of MEMS and MOEMS SMARTIEHS
August 2010 Europe


Automotive tested high-voltage embedded non-volatile memory integrated SoC ATHENIS
Sep- 2008 UK (EPSRC) Advanced modelling and simulation of smart power ICs and packages for operation at 225 C in automotive Electronics ADAM-SPICE
Nov- 2010 UK (EPSRC) Meeting the design challenges of the nano-CMOS electronics nano-CMOS








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