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SETNET History

SETNET was launched in 2000 funded by a research grant from EPSRC, UK.

The network was directed by Dr Gordon Russell of Newcastle University and was coordinated by Gary Shorthouse of TCORE Limited.

The primary aims of the project were stated as:

SETNET is being established to assist R&D efforts in the general area of semiconductor test by coordinating research activities in both academia and industry, bringing into focus academic research on test and providing industry with a one stop shop for access to test expertise in the academic community. In addition to raising the profile of test engineering and providing a mechanism for coordinated research between University and industry, SETNET will also be a vehicle for: a) Developing new associations in the area of test as needs change. b) Learning and sharing in best practices. c) Assisting the movement of best practice into industry. d) Upgrading skills and ones knowledge base in test. e) Accessing up to date information on testing issues. SETNET will also have a web page so that web-based discussion groups can be set up, a repository can also be created to store for example performance data on CAT tools, benchmarks, test application notes, lecture notes on a range of test issues, on-line training courses etc.

The community grew rapidly and by 2003 there were around 180 members worldwide from academia and industry.

Numerous meetings and seminars were held addressing many aspects of semiconductor test, (see Archives) and considerable collaborative activities resulted in successful bids for international research funded by the European Union through the Framework Programmes (see Research).

The network continues to provide a resource for those involved in electronics test.




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