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The Semiconductor Test Network - Information

The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors, last revised revised in 2008, predicts many challenges in the area of Test over the coming years. (Download the ITRS 2008 Update)

Not only are the complexity and unpredictability of electronics components and systems increasing, so too are the environmental extremities in which electronics is expected to work to life critical reliability levels.

Passive component reliability is equally important and there is considerable international research being carried out on materials technology and passive component testing.

SETNET exists to raise the profile of electronics test and to provide a resource for those involved in the field. To date specific activities have included:

  • Industry Test Forum
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Information on current and recent research
  • Hands-on training courses for industry and academia
  • Database of test expertise and points of contact
  • Commission/provision of technical reports
  • Commercial Information
  • Technical Information/equipment reviews
  • Industry News
  • Members Directory
  • Links Database
  • Networking






A note on funding: Initial funding for SETNET was provided by EPSRC. We are now dependant on our sponsors and advertisers


LOCHITT - Low cost test system for High Temperature Electronics


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